• Two state of the art treatment rooms equipped according to all study requirements like physical examinations, ECG recording, blood sampling
  • Eight in-patient beds at disposal for pharmacokinetic trials
  • 24/7 emergency hotline for all participants
  • In-house emergency treatment and intensive care unit at Vivantes Auguste-Viktoria Klinik
  • Direct access to hospital treatment options and medical technology

Lab & Storage

  • Laboratory I equipped with 2 temperature controlled centrifuges, refrigerators (4-8°C), freezers (-40°C and -70°C), dry ice container, well-spaced sample handling and storage area
  • Laboratory II equipped with a biological safety cabinet for PBMC processing, a 3rd temperature controlled centrifuge, a refrigerator (4-8°C) and microscopic technique
  • Secure and temperature-controlled storage for all study medication
  • Secure archive for accurate study recording

Office Extras

  • Three staff offices equipped with WLAN, high performance scanner / print unit, separate high performance FAX
  • Fully equipped conference room with a capacity of 20 persons
  • Separate monitor office with WLAN access and storage space

Last change: 03/07/2016