About us

Doctors in private practices specialized in treatment of patients with HIV and viral hepatitis along with the department of Internal Medicine / Infectious diseases of the Vivantes Auguste-Viktoria-Klinikum joined to found a research enterprise, ‘EPIMED – Gesellschaft für epidemiologische und klinische Forschung in der Medizin mbH’ to form a common network for planning and conducting of research and clinical studies.

The concept of EPIMED is that of an independent clinical research facility. It is the connection of high quality treatment in the (general practitioners or specialists) practice on one hand and the excellent quality of the data acquisition for research purpose on the other hand. We guarantee excellent data for studies phase I / II / III. We are proud to have contributed to the pivotal development of substances especially in the ART research with more than 140 clinical studies in 20 years.

Furthermore, EPIMED is a self-evident member of the so-called ‚Schöneberger Model’ – Berlin’s cooperation of hospitals and specialists in private practices, research and care, prevention and treatment,  AIDS councils and nursing since the begin of the AIDS pandemic.

Please read more about our know-how, our structure and equipment as well as about our offers in the menue For Sponsors.

Last change: 2017-JAN-18